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had an old song by Tony Christie that my Mother used to love running through my head, but the words had somehow changed to better suit my dire situation. Yes dire. OK, I'm Sally Travis, I'm twenty eight years old, I manage a boutique fashion store, I live in a large city and so far I am unmarried. I... well I... I might just let the song tell this part of the story, OK?

Sunrise, this is the last day that I'll ever be,

Waking a virgin (at least one of three),

And I face this new day with much fear.

'Cos I foolishly promised my rear.

I started out in my journey to womanhood like a lot of girls. Through high school I was sweet and innocent. For a long time I didn't like boys, but then I kissed David Grange at a party when I was sixteen, and I thought I was in love.

I thought he was in love too, but two weeks later he got sick of me refusing to let him go any further and he dumped me to try his luck elsewhere. I was devastated. It took me ages to build up the confidence to try again, but eventually I did. I managed to avoid doing anything more than kissing until I was eighteen, and even after that I took things slowly, but eventually I graduated from heavy petting, to giving, er, hand relief, then oral sex and finally I went all the way. Well I thought that was finally, but there was one more possibility that I never even considered at that stage. But now it was going to happen. Take it away Tony.

When I drove into town with the sun going down,

I went straight to a bar, my reluctance to...