Greed to Fear: A character Analysis of Macbeth

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Greed to Fear: A Character Analysis of Macbeth Dominic Kelly Mr. Schultz English 10 May 12, 2012 Macbeth is a play about how greedy the thane of Glamis named Macbeth becomes fearful and ruthless towards his friends and family. He finds out his fate from three witches. He first learns that he will be the thane of Cawdor, next he learns that he will be crowned king of Scotland. At first he doesn't believe the witches, he asks them if they are fantastical. After he is named thane of Cawdor he believes the witches. The rest of the play is how his greed consumes him and turns to fear and he ends up killing multiple people to make sure he would not be taken over. At one point he challenges fate and asks it to fight to the death with him, fate wins and he dies. Macbeth is overcome with power and soon his greed turns to fear because of his obsession over his throne and he is left trying to defend his crown with no friends, family, or army.

Macbeth is speaking with Banquo after their encounter with three future telling witches. He says that he does not care if he is king or not. It shows how not greedy he is to start out with: If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me without my stir (1.4.157-159) Macbeth seems to not care if he is king or not because he says "If", which is used to say something might or might not happen, he thinks it is possible but he will not spend his resources on trying to be king because it might be a futile attempt. He refers to his fate as "chance" which is also a way to say it might or...