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The Odyssey and the Iliad There was a blind poet named Homer and he lived in the time of the 700s B.C. and wote two of the best novels- The iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad and the Odyssey Took place durin and after the Trojan war. The Trojan war was fought by the Myceneans and Troy in the mid-1200s B.C.

The Iliad starts out when a Trojan prince named Paris and falls in love with Helen, the wife of a Myceanaean king, and he took her with him to Troy.

For the revenge of the kiddnapping of Helen, the Myceanaean fight Troy for 10 years, but they couldn't win the city, Then they tricked the Trojans by makin a big wooden horse, The best soldiersfrom the Mycenaean hid inside of the horse while the rest stayed on there ships and pretended to sail away. The trojans brought the gift horse into the city.

That night, the greeks sneaked out and slaughtered the trojan men and enslaved the women and children and burned the city to the ground.

The Odyssey talks about the Mycenaean king Odysseus.

Because it took him10 years to get back to Greece, people refer to any long journey as an Odyssey.