"The Greek authors were the pioneers of modern day literature" Discuss this in relevence of texts you have studied. Text we studied ~Homer the Iilad book 22 ~Sopohcles King Oedipus ~Plato Crito

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The Greek authors were the pioneers of modern day literature. They were some of the very first to ignore practicality - they used their writing, not just to record the past, but to entertain. Art. The Greeks were the ones who took the first steps toward what we know as society today. The Greek authors were sophisticated, they were knowledgeable, but, most importantly, they knew how to conjure up a good story. And using their innovative skills in poetry and prose, they expressed the ideas, issues, and values of the Greek people with their works.

Democracy was one of the plethoras of Greek innovations. The idea of everyone having their say, was good in that there were few uprisings due to unfairness - unfairness had been largely eliminated. Sophocles illustrates this in his works, where the leaders often squabble or debate (if you will). Usually they do this in public - the Greek people, be they wise old men, servants or simple townsfolk all had their say.

Another thing that is evident in the works of Sophocles is the structure of the society. The kings and princes were connected with the townsfolk. Oedipus is a fatherly figure to his people. This idea is also evident in Homer's Iliad - whether the writings represent a literal connection between the peasants and the kings is arguable, however, symbolic or not, the ideas of democracy and the careful rule of the leaders in the Greek society is evident in the works of the Greek authors.

The Greeks knew how to have a good time - and some might argue that this is what lead them to having such a successful society. Festivals, spectacles and the arbitrary morsel of entertainment occurred often in the Greek times, and also in the works of the...