Greek Democracy & Its influence on social law.

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There are many Religions, Ideologies and Philosophies that exist in this world and each have done a certain thing. Ideologies like Nazism have torn countries apart and made people unequal and treated unfairly. On the other hand, a Religion like Christianism did exactly the opposite, bringing people together in a simple but fair way.

"Democracy is certainly regarded as one of the great ideas that have been thought up over time." It has given a chance for citizens to open up their minds and have their say instead of letting their life be run by supposedly 'higher ranked' people.

Democracy exists when a city/state is governed by the people who are taking residence there. The word democracy comes from the Greek words 'Demos' meaning People and 'Kratos' meaning Power. The idea was thought up around 507-508 B.C by the great Greek thinker Pericles. His idea was supported by the people of Athens, the Athenians, for they also wanted a say in how they lived.

Some years later, Pericles led the people of Athens into what is now known as the Golden Age of Greece. I will be explaining how the idea of democracy that started in ancient Greece shaped some of the laws that exist nowadays in Australian society. I shall also be touching on the laws that existed in Greece because of Democracy.

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Democracy in Greece changed the whole way of living of the Athenians; it quickly led Athens to be the most powerful city/state in Greece. It forced the other cities in Greece to also become democracies and have all their important court cases held in Athens. If that wasn't enough these cities also had to pay a yearly tribute to Athens otherwise two Triremes (warships) would go over to demand payment. The...