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Greeks Gifts There is not a day that goes by in anyone's life that does not have something to do with the Greek?s way of life and culture. From faith and morals, all the way beyond the subjects of literature, philosophy, science and athletics, Greek ideas are surrounding us all today. The Greeks have influenced Western society more than any other nation known to man. Not even Judaism has impacted our world the way that the Greeks have. Numerous banks, colleges and town halls still display formal devices such as columns, dentils, and pediments all first employed by the Greeks (Amos 165).

A little bit after the Greeks brought the Olympics to us, they brought forth one of the greatest gifts to man, the alphabet. The alphabet changed from a syllabary and became sufficiently wide spread to serve the needs, not only of scribes and recorders, but also traders, businessmen and poets (Amos 211) .In

the world today we use Greek ideas in so many areas it would be very hard to reach all of them without writing novels. The most ideal and observed are ideas about law, democracy, Theatre, mathematics, philosophy, and most frequently noticed is the Olympics.

During the second half of the fifth century Greece was undergoing political, and social changes which brought on democracy. The paradigm that the Greeks began and has fixed its way in to modern society is everyone should be treated equally. When Atkeisson 2 democracy was started it was called demokratia which meant ?rule of the people ( Webster 228).? Democracy in Greece meant that every full citizen had a right to be a junior vote in the Assembly and be elected to any state office (Green 87). In a democracy people in the assembly made the decisions which were proposed and...