Greek Gods/Dieties Includes Specifics about: Zeus, Where gods resided, Lower gods, Why they were important, & Gods in General (Bibliographic Sources Included)

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This essay is about the Ancient Greek Dieties. In this essay, I will be stating a few things about the Greek gods like, information about the gods in general, the highest god, Zeus, all the lower gods, where the gods lived, and why they were so important.

First, what and who were the Greek Gods? Have you even heard of them? Well if gods, doesn't ring a bell, maybe a few names of popular gods will. Zeus, the high god, ruled over all the gods (Greece over...). Aphrodite, the goddess of love, ruled over the powers of love and affection (MacDonald...61). Another popular god was Athena. She was the goddess of wisdom, born from Zeus's head (Birth of...). The gods ruled from Mount Olympus, and gods are thought of as immortal people with super-human powers (Greek Gods...).

Next, Zeus, being the highest god, was very important, and had many jobs, powers responsibilities, and admirers (Tripp...39).

Zeus had many powers that people feared, but the most well-known one were his lightening bolts, which could ill a mortal and make an immortal mortal again. Zeus was married to a goddess named Hera, who was the goddess of marriage, and also Zeus's sister (Pearson...12).

Third, I shall tell you about a few of the other gods besides the ones mentioned above. Not as important, but still gods, there were Hermes, Zeus's Messenger; Apollo, a foreteller of the future; and Artemis, Athena's sister, and goddess of the hunt. Those were just a few of the many ruling gods of Ancient Greece (Martell...31).

Also, the gods resided on mount Olympus (Hazen...24). There were many places built, and dedicated to the gods. They were made in hopes that the god or gods would take pity on them and appreciate the human's effort to please them.