Greek Gods Drama

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Speech Setup:Underlined-Extra EmphasisBold-Extra PronunciationItalics-Expand Tone/Key PointScene OneIn Which Hermes is Offended.

Narrator: One day, in ancient Greece (Or present Greece, whichever gets the better grade.) Ares was out strolling through Athens. The Gods do this often for many reasons. One of which is to check to see how Earth is doing. The other is to laugh at the human race’s imperfections.

Ares: (Enter stage right) (Superior Tone) Zeus was a fool to make these animals. (Getting Angry) They act as though they have lives, other than to serve their Superiors! (Angry) I should slay them all!At that particular time a man walked by and per chance collided with Ares.

Ares: How dare you!Priest: My humblest apologies, I was not watching my feet. Are you alrigh-?Ares: Silence! (Runs the man through with his spear)Priest: Ugh…(fall to knees, and look at Ares with look of confusion, then dies.)

Ares: (Indignant grunt) Humph! The fool. (Exit Stage Left)(End Scene)Scene TwoIn where Hermes speaks to Zeus(Hermes Enters looking mad, and bewildered. Already In the room is Zeus. )Hermes: Why father? Why would my brother of violence, slay one of my followers?Zeus: (Looks Powerful.) My son of many words, I do not believe Ares purposefully intended for this to happen.

Hermes: But father! He skewered him with his spear; you cannot say that was unintentional!Zeus: (Calm) I didn’t say it wasn’t intentional. My guess is that Ares, with his violent nature, slew that man for other reasons. If you truly wish to know, ask him for yourself.

Hermes: Thank you father. I will ponder your words.

(End Scene)Scene ThreeWhere Hermes speaks to Ares, and Seeks Revenge.

(Hermes Enters. Ares is Located center stage.)Hermes: Ares! Ares! I wish to speak...