Greek Hero Myths

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The Greek Gods, known for their victory over the Titans and claiming the reign over the Greek world, live atop Mt. Olympus from which they get their other name, the Olympians. Their legacy lived on from the spark of their existence to their significant impression upon our modern society today. But the Gods are not the only representation from Greek society that still impacts our modern world. The epic heroes from the ancient Greek society have also left an impressionistic mark on the world today. While the heroes may vary in name and their individual quests, all heroes are constructed founded on a core set of characteristics. In an attempt to summarize each individual Heroic quest, certain coincidences occur constantly within each and every story, and it becomes understood that each Heroic myth contains not only characteristic comparison, but also actual plot comparison. By examining each basic Hero story alone, a structured plot and basic characteristics begin to piece themselves together.

Another comparison can be made on a larger scale when comparing large genres noted for telling stories, like the genre Commedia Del’ Arte. While the stories are examined individually, it will become clear that the stories within the Genre of Greek Heroes is as comparable to each other as the Genre itself compared to the similar genre of Commedia Del’ Arte.

First, Theseus, raised by his Grandfather and Mother, signified his Heroic possibilities by lifting a large boulder at 16. His true father had hidden something special under a giant boulder for his one true son, so when Theseus’s mom saw his display of strength, she knew to let him lift the boulder and discover his true father, King Aegeus of Athens. He decided to travel by land to Athens, and along the way he met a number of...