The Greek idea of hubris.

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The Greek idea of hubris is comparing oneself to the gods. In the novel of Mythology by Edith Hamilton many hubris sins were committed. Bellerophon, Arachne, and Niobe, are examples of some victims of the hubris sin where they suffered immersive consequences.

To begin with, Bellerophon demonstrates the hazards of hubris when he tried to ride Pegasus to Mt. Olympus. After Bellerophon rode Pegasus for the first time he was so satisfied with himself that he tried to take place at Olympus with the gods. He had the willing and ambition to ride Pegasus to Olympus, but the gods protested to this. As the gods, Pegasus too did not approve of this so like a wise horse he knew he shouldn't fight back. When Bellerophon made an effort to ride Pegasus for the second time Pegasus threw him and Bellerophon became a crippled outcast. When Bellerophon was thrown off of Pegasus he tried to avoid men after that incident.

Bellerophon's hubris is was a danger to his image and himself.

Another danger of hubris is when Arachne was challenged to a weaving contest against Minerva. Arachne wanted to prove to everyone that she could be better than the gods at weaving. She wanted to be equality with the gods that she accepted the to do the contest. When she accepted the challenged and was successful Minerva was angry that she beat the girl's head with her shuttle. Arachne was so angry that she hanged herself. Minerva than turn into a spider with her magic liquid. The danger of Arachne's hubris was a real risk to challenge a god. jealous of Leto being warship by the people that she claimed that she should be the one being warship. Niobe said to the people of Thebes...