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GREEK & TROJAN ESASAY The Greeks and Trojans had many leaders such as gods and goddesses. Each one was more powerful than the average human was. Every person in that time period used to look up to all of his or her leaders. Each leader was unique in their own special way. The Greeks and Trojans held many important attributes in a leader.

Agamemnon was a Greek king who was the leader of Mykenai. He was also the king of all of the Greeks. Then from the Trojans there was Priam who was the king of Troy. He was the father of fifty Trojan warriors. Each of these two held characteristics in order to be a leader. Agamemnon had drove King Thyestes 1 away to Cythera to become king. To be a good warrior of great strength, which was an attribute in Agamemnon, was very honorable. Priam on the other hand had many sons who were all great warriors, which were all killed by Achilles.

Having many sons who were good warriors was attribute to Priam. Priam was born into being king. His father was King Laomedon who was killed by Heracles 1 and all his brothers were killed too. Heracles felt sorry for Priam so he let him be king since he was next on the list since he killed his father. Many leaders are born into their position but still hold a special attribute to be a leader.

There was Achilles who was dipped in the River Styx but when he was dipped he did not get his heel by which he was held. This gave him his strength and power to not be killed. In others words it made him immortal, but the only way he could be killed, was with a wound into the heel.