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I am going to write. A story on the events that happened from the Greeks to exploitation. In 399 BC a great Philosopher named Socrates was in a prison cell for death. Until he escaped, that is he had the chance. So that was the peak for Athens Greece as a democracy, which the leader was Paracalease. Later on Alexander the Great conquers and speards Hellenistic civilization. Then Rome takes over and Rome expands its territories. Then Caesar was assinated and the republic ended. Then peace period came and was known as the Pax Roman. Then the Roman Empire makes Christianity the official religion. Then came the Roman Empire and the emperor Decollation divides it. Western Roman Empire falls to Germanic Invaders. Feudalism as a way of life. Trade, towns, and education develop. The pope calls the first crusade. William of Normandy conquers England and sets up foundations for royal power.

A royal government is set up in France. The marriage of Ferinand and Isabella unites Spain as a kingdom. The Bobanic Plague happens next. France and England fights in the 100 years war. Feudalism declining in Europe. The beginnings of the Renaissance in northern Italy. Martian Luther King starts a Protestant reformation. Next Columbus sails for India and reaches the Americas. Vasco De Gamma reaches India. Then Magellan sails around the world. The African slave trade expands across the south. During the 1600's Spain, France and the Netherlands fought over the Americas after they're divided land. Then the Monarchs gain control and rule the Europe area. That is a story in order of all the major events that happened that period of time.