The Green Eyed Monster

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Of all the seven deadly sins, we think of envy as being the least fun of all. It is the one that people are least likely to want to own up to, for as to do so would mean that one is cold-hearted, mean and selfish. Now unless you're Jesus or Mother Theresa, you have probably experienced at least a flash of envy's evil. Everyone should anticipate encountering it at some stage in their lives as it's a natural emotion that we all feel.

Envy varies its intensities; it can give you a tiny scratch to a corrosive, soul-destroying stab.

But you know what? I think envy has been given a very, very bad reputation. I don't think it is an evil monster at all. You see the problem with envy is we have all been thinking to small. We need to be thinking bigger, much bigger! Take America for example.

They have used envy remarkably well to their advantage. They were envious of all those Arabs, because they had all the oil. So they invaded them. They were envious of all those nations out there that had a religion that bound them together, so what did they do? They vilified and attacked them all too. Look where that has gotten America. Talk about going places.

You know I haven't seen George Bush up really close, but I'm pretty sure his eyes are green. In fact, that whole nation probably has green eyes. We all know how George is so envious of anyone who can think for themselves, that he just has to call them 'dangerous radicals'. Not because he's stupid or anything. No not at all, it makes him look clever! It's all about using envy...skilfully. A bit closer to home, look at our esteemed leader John Howard.