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Does the success of Method provide insights about the future of green marketing?

Yes, I partly agree that the success of Method does provide insights about the future of green marketing. There will be many companies that want to involve themselves in green marketing with regards to our earth's aging resources. It is because in order to improve their brand image, green marketing is a way for the companies to show that they concern about the aging Earth and the community by showing that they are fulfilling their social responsibility. In fact, the possibility of saving the Earth from being inhabitable has a higher chance by making the people to be aware of. Besides, Method developed products, which is eco-friendly. The main insight that it provides about the future of green marketing is to save the earth from being polluted. We knew that all Method products are not like the other products that contain chemicals, which is bad for human's health and body.

It is chemical-free and made with all those natural and safe ingredients. As it is made from those natural ingredients, most probably people will think of Method's products when they are interested in this product line.

Somehow I'm partly disagreeing to the statement as above. There are still not enough for the company to really seize the market in long-term. It is because Method mostly focused on the actual benefit of product like product appearance, design, quality, etc. However, actual products are easy to be copy by competitors. When there are more stronger competitors entering the market and produce the benefit that Method can give, Method may be fall into maturity stage in Product Life cycle or even worse reach the decline stage. This is because Method has been missing the important piece of marketing which is...