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To some people the words "Book-report" mean rent the movie and write a report on that. Yes, it is easier to watch a three-hour movie rather than read a 536-page book. With most books turned movies, though, the book is far too detailed to fit everything. This is how it is with the book The Green Mile and the movie The Green Mile. There are similarities but, there are also a lot of differences between the two.

        The main parts of the book and movie are alike: Coffey being caught with the two dead girls in his arms, Coffey saves Hal's wife and Coffey dying at the end. There are smaller details that are alike and that is more important than the main parts. One small thing is that Paul does have a UTI in both the book and the movie. This is a small part but it brings a lot to the movie and the book because this is how Paul finds out that Coffey is innocent.

Another small thing is the placement of the prisoners in the book and the movie. They aren't exact but they are pretty close and this shows importance when the mouse, later called Mr. Jingles, walks up and down the green mile. Lastly, a small detail that is the same in both the book and the movie is the last sentence. Paul explains his punishment for killing one of God's great miracles. This is very important because it brings the whole movie and the book to a close. Along with the similarities there are major differences and minor differences between the book and the movie.

        The major differences that I noticed between the book and the movie are: the mouse doesn't die at the end in the movie, and there is no real...