Green Sea Turtle

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The green sea turtle is a magnificent creature. The green sea turtle swims through the ocean and primarily lives in the ocean. The Green sea turtle is a green large sea turtle.

The green sea turtle can live from anywhere from 50 to 80 years. The green sea turtle has many predators. Some of these predators include seagull's hawks and fish in the ocean. The sea turtles can also die when they hatch from their eggs.

The Green Sea Turtle has around 45-70 eggs every time they lay eggs. (National geographic turtle eggs Roger Wood) When the turtle lays eggs depends on the animal itself and the conditions it lives in. The sea turtle buries their eggs in the sand on the beach ( Although 90 percent of the hatchlings don't make it in the world. The hatchlings either doesn't make it because of weather or because of the predators get them right when they reach water or before they reach water.

The Green Sea Turtle eats only plants just like its family member the black Sea Turtle. The Green Sea Turtle is an Herbivore. Unlike other Sea Turtles who are either Carnivore or Omnivore. The Green Sea Turtle eats seaweed unlike other Sea Turtles who eat crab and other small fish that are in the ocean. (National geographic turtle eggs Roger Wood) The Green Sea Turtle is a Reptilian. They are in the class with snakes and geckos and other lizards of that sort. The Latin name for this animal is Chelonia. The animal is found always in the pacific ocean.

The animal has rare interactions with humans. The Green Sea Turtle has bad interactions with humans. When the turtle does have an interaction with humans it tends to bit the body of the human in self-defense. Although...