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SUMMARYThe case, "Greenhill Community Center", depicted the dilemmas and crises that the new Executive Director, Leslie, had encountered after she got accepted as the new Executive Director of the Greenhill Community Center. She had an MBA degree, and she personally thought that she had enough experience in each area to manage all directors and staffs by using all she had learned from school. However, one year after she worked at Greenhill, she started felt frustrated and hopeless.

Problems & ChallengesLeslie herselfLack of understanding current Greenhill situations.

When Leslie hired by the trustees, she did not know and did not understand Greenhill's current situations. She just jumped right in and did what she felt was right for the center without gathering enough information.

Having a stratum in her mind won't lead the company to successShe felt that the trustees are at a policymaking level and that they should be making decisions without feeling pushed by staffs because they have the rights to do so, the highest stratum among the organization.

Leslie also felt that she didn't have to answer to staff with the issues that between Leslie and boards because of the difference in stratum level.

Supports who supports LeslieEven with same ideas politically, it did not mean that Leslie had to talk a lot with Brain about program development. It made me feel like Leslie only supported who supported her.

CommunicationPlanning process.

When Leslie begun the processes for moving Greenhill, trustees were only agreed to have extra hour to one regular board meeting instead of a day-long retreat. The United Way had done a management assessment of Greenhill that's a tool for Leslie to assess the organization, but the trustees saw it as criticism. In the end, Leslie still used the planning process that she proposed,