Greenhouse Effect

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The greenhouse effect is when infrared rays are reflected to the earth's surface and are trapped by the atmosphere. The atmosphere is being destroyed and more of these rays are being trapped. Hence, the earth is getting warmer, and as the temperature on Earth rise, a lot of problems begin to occur. The greenhouse effect is good when it is in moderate conditions but when it exceeds more, then the effects will be disastrous. Here I hope to cover some of the causes and effects of the greenhouse problem as well as what are being done to reduce the problem.

The main cause of the greenhouse effect is due to the increased amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere, which destroys the atmosphere and allows the entry of infrared rays in most than needed amount. These gases are carbon dioxide, methane, water vapour, nitrous oxide and more. These gases come from fossil fuel combustion for industry, transportation, space heating, electricity generation and cooking, and vegetation in natural prairie, woodland and forested ecosystems.

These greenhouse gases have a lot of linked effects. Linked as in one problem would cause another problem to be made. This is such as that as the temperature increases, the earth becomes warmer. As the earth becomes warmer, the ice caps begin to melt and this would cause the ocean water level to increase. This increase in water level would cause mass flooding in low laying areas of the Earth. It will also cause tropical storms, hurricanes, extreme temperatures and droughts.

The greenhouse effect can be reduced by reducing the emission of the greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide release, which is usually produced from industry and automobile usage, can be reduced by increasing automobile efficiency by carpooling, walking, cycling, or using public transportation. Also, the electric car...