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Greenhouse effect is a term that comes up in any discussion regarding global environment. The gradual and harmful rise of the earth's temperature, often called Global Warming, is caused by this Greenhouse effect. In cold countries, the temperature is not suitable for growing plants so they are grown inside rooms made of glass called greenhouses. Those glass roofs and walls of the greenhouse let the sunlight pass through to warm the interior the room and trap the heat by not letting the heat inside to pass through to the outside. In this way the greenhouses help agriculture by providing warmth that is needed for plan growth. The effect of this greenhouse effect is beneficial, but that is not so in the case of the Greenhouse effect affecting the world environment. The cause of the Greenhouse Effect is the emission of harmful carbon dioxide gas in huge amounts by the world industry and burning of fossil fuels (mainly by automobiles).

With the rapid industrialization of the human civilization, excess carbon dioxide has accumulated to form an atmospheric layer which acts very much like the glass walls of the greenhouse and it traps in sunlight heal. This increases the temperature of the whole planet. This phenomenon is called Global Warming. Instead of bringing benefit to us-like the greenhouse do, the Greenhouse Effect will endanger the human race. This effect will cause the ice caps in the Polar Regions to melt. That, in turn, will cause a significant rise in the sea levels, which flood most of the coastal areas of the and will result in the permanent submerging of whole island nations like Maldives and probably all of the southern, areas of Bangladesh. Greenhouse effect will also alter climates that will cause massive floods & droughts. The world governments...