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The Green Mile BY Stephen King 462 pages the source was a friend Plot Synopsis In The Green Mile the main character Paul Edgecombe goes through the strangest year of his life. Paul is a guard at Cold Mountain penitentiary on death row along with his good friends Brutus "Brutal" Howell, Harry Terwilliger, Dean Stanton, and the spoiled brat Percy Whetmore. Paul and the rest of the guards despise Percy because of his constant cruelness to the inmates and his cocky attitude towards the rest of the guards. Paul and the other guards would like to teach Percy a lesson but there is nothing anyone can do because Percy is related to people in very high places. That is how Percy got the job in the first place and why he hasn't been fired yet.

John Coffey comes to Cold Mountain after being convicted guilty of the rape and murder of two young girls.

From the minute John Coffey comes to Cold Mountain the guards know there is something different about Coffey. It turns out that John Coffey has the special ability to heal. After being healed himself by John Coffey Paul decides to uses John Coffey's ability on the warden's wife who is sick with cancer. It works but some strange things happen when John Coffey uses his power. A lot of strange things happen as affects of John Coffey's power Percy Whetmore getting what he deserves for his evil ways is only one of them.

Review The Green Mile is probably the best novel I have ever read. Usually it takes me a long time to read novels but when it came to The Green Mile I liked reading it.

When Stephen King wrote this novel he did a good job of giving the characters strong personalities. It...