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True Green Initiatives Versus "Greenwashing" Ideas

First, it's important to understand what the difference between green initiatives and greenwashing is. Greenwashing is when a company pretends to be green, but actually it is not. In other words, greenwashing is what companies do to make themselves look more environmentally friendly than they really are. They may promote themselves through advertisements or by talking about it to others but never do it. Green initiatives, on the other hand, is the opposite. It is taking steps to being green. Recycle and turning off the lights when not needed are examples of green initiatives. The Cutco decided to make some changes to the way they have been doing things and go green. From these changes, someone can see that the company actually tried instead of just talking about it. A company needs to show it for someone to believe it. Like the saying goes, "Actions speaks louder than words."

Ethical and Societal Issues Involved in Green Initiatives

The ethical and societal issues involved in green initiatives are extremely positive in the views of both manufactures and customers. We, manufactures can take ethical and social responsibilities by engaging in green initiatives. Implementation of green initiatives such as reducing pollution and garbage is a way to show our respect to our surrounding communities. At the same time, our brand name status can become better. On the other hand, our customers can feel good about choosing the products of "going green" companies. Ethically all people are responsible for saving the earth. By choosing green products, our customers can also become a part of our "going green team." In conclusion, green initiatives allow people to engage in ethical and societal obligations that can benefit manufactures, customers, and ultimately the environment.

Other Organizations Approached to the Issue of Green...