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1.0 Executive Summary

Greggs plc intend to expand their operations into international markets in order to satisfy their overriding objective: 'to be Europe's No. 1 Bakery'.

Germany has been selected as the host country and justification for this decision has been discussed.

Moreover, Greggs will enter the German Bakery market through the employment of a 'Foreign Direct Investment' method, more specifically a 'Sales and Production Subsidiary'.

This report outlines the blend of marketing mix components used to position the offering; the implementation method adopted to ensure effective product and service delivery; and the control mechanisms utilised to make sure that objectives are achieved.

2.0 Introduction

Greggs is the currently the leading UK retailer in the bakery market having experienced high levels of growth in 2002. The company achieved revenues of £422.6 million, an increase of 11.9% on the previous fiscal. Its operating profit also witnessed an increase of 11.8% to £35.3

million in 2002. Their popularity has rapidly increased as consumers are seeking quick, convenient and indulgent foods to complement their fast-paced lifestyles .

Greggs is actively expanding their operations and have over 1,200 retail outlets under the Greggs and Bakers Oven brands . They entered into the international arena in 2003 with the opening of two outlets in Belgium. This strategy was pursued in order to fulfil the company's long-term objective of becoming a leader in the European market place.

Further international expansion will therefore satisfy their current objectives and enhance their presence in the European bakery market.

2.1 Report Objectives

To justify market choice

To undertake internal and environmental analysis for the home and host country

To identify the most appropriate foreign entry strategy

To tailor a services marketing mix to requirements of the host market

To suggest methods of implementation to allow successful market penetration

To monitor...