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In the short story The Metamorphosis the author Franz Kafka depicts a story about how a man named Gregor Samsa awakes one morning and has changed into a monstrous vermin. This monstrous vermin form is more likely to be of a giant beetle. Gregor Samsa's transformation in form disgraces his family and allows himself to be an outsider when they give up on him.

This story is very unusually strange in that not one person cares about Gregor's change. They do not even comfort him or try to understand how he could change his form over the period of one night. When Gregor's family first sees him they do not understand and are just disgraced by his appearance. It is even more unusual that his family ignores the situation when he is the only income for the whole family. Gregor seems to be the only one sad that he can no longer work and provide for them.

Gregor is the only one that works, pays the bills, and keeps the roof over their heads. For his family to act like this it is almost childish and insanely crazy.

Gregor even though he had become a bug and his parents were trying to hide him, he still tried so hard to be accepted back into his family. They did not want to let him back in though, especially his father. His father was so disgraced that he had lost his son turning into a bug. His father hit him and pelted objects at his son often. He would hit Gregor with his cane and throw apples at him telling him to get back in his room. Gregor was only allowed to stay in his room and no go outside the door. Gregor knew his place, but could not stand being cooped up in such a small environment without having anyone to accompany him. All he wanted was a hint that someone cared for him and understood his dilemma. This loneliness is what brought him to his death.

As Gregor found himself falling farther away from his family, he allowed himself to fall into a dark and cold state of being. He would dream away the time and worry about his distant family who no longer cared for him. As he found himself and his family making more distance between them, he became weaker until death overcame him.

Gregor was just an average man who loved his family more than anything, but the feeling was not mutual. After his transformation his life was pretty much over. His becoming a bug made way for him becoming an outsider to his family and the rest of the world. As Gregor found himself a disgrace to his family, loneliness took over his body and his emotions wore him down until his death. It was not his fault that he had a transformation. This is a story that shows that its not always appearance that counts, it is what is on the inside and Gregor was a great person on the inside.