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I believe that Gregor Samsa's predicament is a very unusual predicament. I feel very troubled with Gregor's condition, because he was a very content person that had a steady job. He was not late for his job one day. In the book his mother says he did not go out of his house for some fun in seventy days. He was still living with his parents only because he chose too. He paid for his family's bills. His dad had physical problems so could not work. Even though I am not convinced that someone could suddenly turn into a bug in one night showing no signs of change it is a tragedy for him and his family. Furthermore, Franz Kafka uses Gregor's condition to show the changes on the people in the book face. For example, Gregor's father is a man that had business failure. He had some physical problems and had to use a cane before Gregor's incident.

However, after the accident, Gregor's father is forced to take a job so he could support his family. He finds new confidence and better posture once he starts working. He is the most violent to Gregor out of the family. When Gregor came out of the room one time his father decided to throw fruit at Gregor. One piece of fruit was stuck in Gregor's back where it began to rot. The rotting fruit made Gregor's health worse and led to his eventual death.

In addition, Gregor's mother goes through changes because of Gregor's condition. For example, his mother is a physically and mentally weak person. Her mother suffers the most from Gregor's transformation. She cannot go in the room where he is at because it is too much for her to handle seeing what her son has become. For...