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Grendel, the dark reflection of human society

A moral fiction is a fictive lesson about the universal morals and values of life. In my opinion, Grendel written by John Gardner is a moral fiction. According to the many themes that the author used in his work, Grendel can be considered as a dark reflection of human society.

Before going to the human world, Grendel could have been considered innocent. Living with his speechless mother on the margins of any type of society his whole life, Grendel never encountered or had a discussion with any form of life. As a result, he never had the time to learn any kind of evil. His first transition into the human world happened while swimming in a lake full of snakes. Snakes are the representation of sin in many religions and cultures. The lake illustrates the threshold from Grendel's world to the human world.

Representing the human civilization as a world of sin and evil. The reader can easily compare Grendel's world with the Garden of Eden.

It is in the human world that Grendel is first exposed to sins and violence. His first steps in the human world results with him getting attacked. The first violent act of the story happened on earth. From now on, Grendel decides to watch and meditate on humans. Grendel did not understand why human were making war no reasons. He also noticed the empire of the Danes where power has an important place. The notion of power is introduced to Grendel through the king Hrothgar who has the absolute control over his mead hall. Moreover, the song sang by the Shaper get Grendel's attention. Supposedly based on real facts, the Shaper preaches human morals, which makes Grendel passionate and interested.