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After the French and Indian war, the American colonists had celebrated the defeat of the French and the native americans. Although after twelve years these colonists had began a bitter and violent conflict with Britain. The colonists were not justified in waging war and breaking away from Britain.

The colonists were not justified in waging war with Britain for multiple reasons. Such as how the colonists should have helped pay off the debt from the French and Indian war in which Britain protected them. This war caused the debt of Britain to rise greatly, and Britain would have to tax its people, the colonists more because they protected them. (Doc. 1) The Parliament also posses a legal authority to regulate trade of Great Britain, and all her colonies, which allows it to bring up the taxes of its colonies. The British Parliament never thought of imposing duties in America for purpose of raising a revenue until the Stamp act, and Towshend acts.

(Doc. 2)

The colonists also caused violent acts against British Soldiers on duty in the colonies which were not the fault of the British. On March 5, 1770 a crowd of Boston boys decided to surround British soldiers and taunted, cursed at them while throwing snowballs at them. (Doc. 3) In addition these snowballs weren't just snow they were basically a mixture of ice and snow. Which had greatly frightened the soldiers making them open fire into the crowd, several people died and more were wounded. Paul Revere although made an engraving of this event showing the British Soldiers simply firing into a crowd of Boston citizens. Not getting thrown with snowballs at all, and over exaggerating the injuries and deaths of what had actually happened, and released it into...