Grid-Iron Fever

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Gridiron Fever

Does the sport of football have more than just one type of fan? Football fans are about as diverse as the universe in which all sports fans cheer, for most football fans don't even realize the blunt diversities amongst themselves. Often different flavors of football are attributed to the different aspects of a particular football team; meanwhile, some football fans are as ancient as the first play ever snapped by a beloved team. Over the years football has evolved into a slightly different sport than some fans may remember; within the ever-changing developments of modern day gridiron warfare new breeds of football fans have been created. Football fans have been demanding the blood of opposing teams for decades, yet sharing the common goal of victory football fans are still very different from one another.

Football fans are often viewed as obsessed bloodthirsty maniacs when it comes to football, but this view is often damning to most football fans because football is a masquerade of many different fans.

Football fans vary greatly as some football fans yearn for the limb breaking classic smash mouth style of football; however, other fans are only interested in who's winning in the "here and now." Unfortunately over the years the habits, thoughts, and feelings of football fans have changed; new breeds of football fans are often created leading to intense rivalry with other football fans. Bloodthirsty fans are generally described from one extreme to the other, yet precisely categorized as: Diehard, Throwback, Seasonal, and Bandwagon fans. Because all football fans are interested in the sport, it is the love for the game which separates all football fans.

Diehard fans are the select few who follow every waking move of a particular football team, for Diehard fans are found to be zealots...