Grimm's Works in Today's Society

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Many children in America and all over the world have grown up reading fairy tales. If not by reading, they were transmitted through plays, cartoons, and movie adaptations. Stories such as Cinderella, Hanzel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood are some of the more popular that are handed down from parent to child. The plot structures and thick morals they they emcompass stick with you for a lifetime, helping you grow as a person. What is astonishing is that most of the tales that are read today are far from their original structure. Many tales have been altered due to the graphic nature of the original works, or simply to adapt to ther current world situation. "Grimms' books have been transformed by the most diverse diverse media, including oral, radio, television, animation, cinema, and electronic video" (Haase p.11). For example, in today's versions of Little Red Riding Hood, young Riding Hood girl is saved by a woodchopper before being devoured by the wolf, however, in the original version the young girl is eaten whole by the wolf.

Consequently in Cinderella, one of the most popular fairy tales to date, the evil step-sisters end up having their eyes packed out by birds in the original version of this story (Hunt p.1). These tales have been altered by artists, producers, and illustrators to fir their own particular purpose. Some tales have been altered for an older audience, while most have been trimmed down for younger children. Most altering is only minor and can actually help the story, but in a few cases it may change the story completely, ruining what was once envisioned by its authors.

The Grimm Brothers are the two extraordinary men that we have to thank for the many great tales of today. Their vision of collecting fairy tales...