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French and Indian War

1)In the first two wars, England tried to capture French Quebec but succeeded n conquering Nova Scotia and securing trading rights in the area with Spain

2) In the third, Spain attacked in the South and France attacked in the North

i) English won and France was forced to give up control of India

ii) Colonists were upset with England for returning a French for they had

fought hard to win

3) Was knows in Europe as the Seven Year's War (this began in colonies and spread to Europe)


French built forts in the Ohio River Valley

To stop British expansion

Forts were being built on land that had been secured by the Washington family

French wanted to link its colonial possessions


Virginia's governor sent a militia of 150 men under the command of George Washington to Fort Duquesne

English initially won when encountered French outside the fort

French returned with reinforcements and defeated Washington

War spread to the West Indies, Europe, Philippines, and Africa

Europe (England and Prussia vs.

France, Spain, Austria, and Russia)

America (French and Indians vs. English and colonists)

At first Britain lost as it tried to invade the Ohio River Valley

Led to attacks by Indians

British encountered success when they invaded French Canada (Under William Pitt)

British conquered Quebec and Montreal

Peace of Paris in 1763 ended the war officially

Attempts of Unity

Colonial unity tested under the Albany Plan of Union

Developed by Benjamin Franklin

Called for central government and universal recruitment and taxes

Rejected but set a precedent for later congresses


French power on the continent almost ended

Quebec and Montreal went to England

Louisiana and New Orleans went to Spain

England got Florida in exchange for Cuba

French kept some islands in the West...