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Below you will find our take on four scenarios about Grocery, Inc that relate to business and agency law. In scenario one, we discuss the liability of and agent contract with a principal and a third party, and whether o not the agent is acting in the scope of its authority. In scenario two, The Infancy Doctrine is at play when a business establishes a contract with a minor. Scenario three provides a situation where an oral contract was established and broken and an economic loss is the results of the breach of the oral contract, which is a Promissory Estoppels. Lastly scenario four, simply discuss a customer that is suing store because he wants to negate the store policy and get what he wants.

Grocery, IncGrocery is the winner of this court case, because as it was stated, Grocery was unaware of the sub-contractor. Without speculating on what information that is not given, it is safe to assume that the contract that was established between Grocery and Masterpiece Construction was an agent – principal relationship.

From the information that was given, Masterpiece Construction upon establishing the contract had the intentions on doing the work, because it is obvious that the company actually began working on this project, but when Masterpiece realized the details of handling this job, and how long it would take to complete the job, Masterpiece chose to hire an independent contractor to finish the work, which was Build Them To Fall. At the point where Masterpiece realized that they would not be able to finish the work that they were contracted to do, Masterpiece was obligated to let Grocery know about the changing of contractors as part of the agents duty of notification. It was never stated that upon inception of the contract that there would...