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Tony Bennett once stated, “I have a simple life. I mean, you just give me a drum roll, they announce my name, and I come out and sing. In my job I have a contract that says I'm a singer. So I sing” ( 2006). Companies and people need to follow contracts more like Tony Bennett because follow contracts will make life across the world so much easier and less stressful. Grocery, Inc is a grocery store with many different contract problems and resolutions with other companies and employees in the store. The contracts in business vary in different ways and companies try to find different ways to breach the contracts they sign. Contracts are seen everywhere in the world like sports and marriage, not just business contracts.

Grocery, INC did hire Masterpiece Construction to renovate their store in My Town but due to what was worded in the contract, makes the decision on who wins this case or not.

Due to terms and conditions that are written in the contract, was it right for Masterpiece to sub- contract the company Build Them to Fall when they realized that they could not meet the deadline that was originally agreed upon? The rules of the contract ultimately apply. If the expectations of the parties to a contract are not met, these rules affect legal negotiations and may result in a lawsuit in which Grocery brought against Masterpiece. Contract law enables private agreements to be legally enforceable. Enforceability of agreements is desirable because it gives people the certainty they need to rely on promises contained in agreement (University of Phoenix, 2009). This gives Grocery the right to sue. When Masterpiece found that they would not be able to finish the project they should have let Grocery know and negotiated an amendment to...