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One of the classes I took in eighth grade was sewing. I really liked the class. There were lots of little things that made it so fun, but I specifically remember one particularly interesting aspect that was not in the curriculum.

Becca and I didn't really like the new girl, Julia Applecorn. I have changed her name to protect her identity, however, the initials are the same, because it is important to the story as you will see later. Now, I don't know why we hated her so much. Well, yes I do. She was the single most annoying person we had ever met. Julia for some reason wanted to hang out with us really badly. I think that she thought that Becca and I were popular or something for awhile, and maybe she wanted that status. I'm not sure. Whatever her motives were, she drove us crazy, crazy, out of our minds.

Becca and I just wanted her to leave us alone.

At first, you may not understand how what I'm about to tell you ties in together with the above information, but soon you'll see. Becca and I were just fooling around, making junk out of scraps that we had left over from projects long ago. Somehow, we ended up with a headband. So we started walking around the class, acting like goofballs. Now, I don't know why, but Julia was really into it. She was smiling at us and trying to hang out with us (as usual). So Becca and I hatched a-and this is where the initials come into play- GROJAP (Get Rid Of Julia Applecorn Plan). We went over to her (it's not like she was that far away) and put the headband on her. She squirmed for a second; it was like putting a sweater on a dog or a diaper on a baby. But then she must have realized that we were trying to befriend her. She was a little off on that one. She was ashamed to be wearing it at first, but then Becca and I coaxed her into wearing it during class. We kept telling her how awesome it looked, and if we had made more, we would be wearing them too. Eventually, Julia came around. We got her wearing the headband around school.

Now, since this all went so well, we decided to take it up another step. We told Julia that we were going to sell our innovations at the local stores, mainly downtown. And the great news was that we had chosen her to be our model, our walking advertisement, so to speak. So this is where the cruelty escalates. We made Julia everything there was to make. Headbands, necklaces, bracelets, and in every color, every pattern we could get our crooked little hands on. Julia had a different colored accessory every day. Since Becca and I were fast sewers, we had lots of time to waste making Julia Applecorn her lovely "ensemble finishing touches". Julia loved it. Or so we thought.

One day Julia was not wearing one of our accouterments. When we asked her what the problem was, she told us that she had taken off her bracelet and laid it on her dresser. Her mother saw it and threw it away.

"My mom thought it was a scrap", she explained cautiously.

"A scrap ? How could your mother think it was a scrap?" The poor thing. She somehow got out of that one. I think we decided to go easy on her after faking that we were hurt beyond belief. She didn't seem to be playing along with our little game anymore. I think the reasons were because Becca and I were never wearing any of these little headbands or bracelets or rings, etc. Also, because this little "shop" still wasn't opening. I cannot believe that Julia actually thought that we were actually going to sell those in an actual store in this actual town. What a gullible little shrew. I say shrew, because, well, that's what she was to us. Plus, she looked like a mouse.

Now, there is not a moral to this story. Yes, I do feel bad about the whole thing, and I hope that "Julia" never reads this. The reason is because she is a fellow human being. A quite annoying one, but she is a human being with feelings. As I look back on what Becca and I did to Julia, I feel remorse. She's actually a sort of nice person, when you get to know her. She just doesn't know how to go about making friends, that's all. And she's annoying. Really annoying.