Groundhog Day

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Matt Polinski 4th hour Groundhog Day According to the Rig-Veda, four different groups of people had been created from the body of a Hindu god. The Hindu god was Brahman. First, the Brahmins were created from the god's mouth. They later became the priestly class and were the highest group in Indian society. The second group is the Kshatriyas, the came from the gods arms. They were the warriors. The third group was the Vaishyas who came from the god's legs. They were landowners, merchants, and artisans. The fourth group, the Shudras, came from the god's feet and were servants or slaves. The lowest group was the Pariahs. They weren't from any part of the god. They were considered to be dirty. If you looked at a pariah you would be dirty. The pariah's only came out at night since they were not to be seen. This system is called the cast system.

In Latin this word means "pure". There were many other groups besides just these ones. As the years past the system became more and more specific until each occupation had it's own cast. Hindus considered high castes purer than low castes. Priests were considered the purest group. Having contact with anyone in a lower cast was a risk of being contaminated. It depended on what you did in you past life on what cast you were born into. If you live a clean life and never commit any bad deeds then you will be born a cast level higher then the one you are in now. This is called karma. A Hindu born into a certain cast has a dharma, or duty. It is said to be better to do your own duty poorly, rather then do another's duty well. Your personal talent did not matter. Atman is the soul of Brahman. Moksha must be understood or you will just keep reincarnating.

Phil Conner is a weatherman who doesn't like anything. He especially doesn't like Groundhog Day. However he find himself living this day over and over again. At first he is very worried about living the same day over and over. But then he decides that he should enjoy it. He does ridiculous things knowing that there will be no consequences since he will just lived the same day again tomorrow. He runs from the cops, and then when he has no were to go he simply rides off a cliff. He punches the guy that confronts him everyday about insurance. He is acting like a kid. But then he starts to try to gain power. He learns information about everyone and learns all kinds of things so that he can amaze people. He learned how to play the piano. Then he starts trying to hook up with girls. And it works once. But then he try's to start dating one of his co-workers. He messed up over and over. He keeps changing things till he eventually does everything right. He needed to have morals. That was what was wrong all along. When he wakes up and it is the next day. He is very excited. This is equivalent to reaching Brahmin in the Hindu cast system.