Groundwork Preparation for Wet Mounts, Smears, and Simple Stains

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Through processes know as wet mounts and simple stains, observing living microorganisms through a compound microscope can generate a clearer understanding of their appearances and movements. Microorganisms are living things that for the most part cannot be seen through the naked eye. They live on and among humans, as well as plants, animals, and all that is a part of the Earth. Harmless as most seem to be to humans, microorganisms are an important relevance of study for human interest in varied perplexities and can dictate a human life's progress or deterioration; thus the significance to humans is vital (Talaro 6).

The discovery of the microscope introduced a new branch of science called microbiology. The microscope, a major instrument in this realm of study makes it possible to observe, acknowledge, and clarify implications of meaning to the study of organisms. In preparing for two basic observations, a wet mount and a simple stain, living microorganisms can be seen clearer through a simple stain and by using a drop of water, movements of microorganisms are varied.

A smear is when a spreading of bacteria is made on a slide for viewing. A simple stain is when a method of observation of a living organism is smeared on a slide with one stain during a procedure. A wet mount is where a research method of an organism or organisms is placed on a slide with fluid. The microorganisms can then move freely.

On the laboratory research completed January 30, 2006 using a wet mount example and a simple stain instruction the following items were used to obtain the visibility of microorganisms moving through slides using two kinds of avenues. The first was a wet mount. The following items and instructions were used to obtain optimum examination of organisms: 1.) Add...