Group Communication Video Cases

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Group Communication Video Cases (due Week One)

Review the Working in Groups videos located on your rEsource page for this week. Choose three of the four videos to watch. Write a 200- to 300-word response to each video clip by answering the following questions.

a. Choose one video that you will use to discuss the relationship between group member diversity and communication style. What diversity existed in the group? How did this affect the group members' communication styles? Was diversity a hindrance to communication? Come up with two communication methods that could have been used to better facilitate the group.

b. Choose another video and describe the verbal and nonverbal interaction among the members of the group. What were these interactions communicating? Were they helping or hindering the group process? Come up with two communication methods that could have been used to better facilitate the group.

c. Watch the third video and determine the listening techniques used by members of the group. Describe the importance of listening in group communication and relate it to this scenario. Were the listening techniques used in this situation effective? If not, which effective techniques should have been used to better facilitate the group process?

Group Communication Video Cases

Planning a Playground: Diversity and Communication Styles

The types of diversity present in this scenario were: gender, generational, and cultural.

The conversation concerning the establishment of a budget brought about a power struggle and tensions surrounding the conversation. The meeting proctor stepped in on cue to intervene and regain control. Although tensions were high within the first portion of the meeting; the participants could regain control of the team's goals. Teams that maintain the ability to recognize and respond accordingly to group diversity retain the influence...