Group Dynamics

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A group consists of individuals who interact within a social unit consisting of two or more people. Individuals within the group are interdependent and are in a joint association, joined together for common goals. There are certain roles and norms, and the individuals within the group influence one another.

There are effective and ineffective qualities that make up a group and they also help to either make them more successful or unsuccessful.

Effective groups usually consist of a small group containing of five to thirteen members who strive to meet the needs and goals of the group. The group members communicate openly and each person's feelings are accepted, cohesion is a must. Decision making in a effective group is mutual and controversy is healthy .A good group is willing to try alternate ways to meet there goals. There is feedback and evaluation within the group be of this leadership may rotate and participation is showed across all group members.

Ineffective groups usually form cliques and has no focus on the groups needs or goals. These groups lack communication and ignore the contributions if its individuals. The effective or emotional component in the group is downplaying. Cohesion is ignored and controversy is viewed as negative. Creative thoughts by its members are shunned. Feedback and evaluation is done sporadically. Decisions are made by authority, leadership is hoarded and used as power. Participation within these groups is by a select few and selfish-ness as well as self-absorption is amongst its members.

Behavior styles in successful groups require diversity. If everyone in a group were similar in style and ideas accomplishing groups tasks would be difficult and conflict is more likely to occur.

There are positive group roles and negative group roles. Some positive group roles consist of a compromiser, someone who helps...