Group dynamics and Team building

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Giving the best you've got-and helping your fellow work to his best-that's teamwork.

-James Cash Penney

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

-Michael Jordan

Group Dynamics

Human Interaction is a complex process to understand. And it becomes further complex when the interaction takes place between people belonging to the same group. Normally a group goes through 3 phases as depicted by following figure

A General Model of Group Dynamics

Overview of Groups and Group Dynamics

Work groups consist of people working together who are trying to make their living. It is often the primary source of social identity for people. The nature of group can affect the performance of people at work as well as their relationship outside the organization.

Groups Defined:

Groups can be defined in terms of perception, motivation, organization, interdependencies and interactions. In terms of interaction it can be defined as two or more persons who interact with one another such that each person influences and is influenced by each other person.

The concept of interaction is essential to this definition. Two people who are physically together don't form a group unless they interact with each other. Coworkers may work side by side on related tasks, but if they don't interact they are not a group. The presence of others may influence the performance of a group, but they don't become the part of the group unless interaction occurs.

Groups often have goals, but the definition in terms of interaction doesn't state that members must share a common goal or motivation. A person can be part of a group and enjoy the benefits of membership without wanting to pursue any group goal. But the quality of interactions and performance may be affected by members' lack of interest in group goal.

This definition in terms...