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Group Process Paper 3


Voydnita Merricks

CP 6130 Group Counseling, Spring 2012

Dr. Elizabeth Y Skjoldal

Trinity International University, Florida

April 30, 2012

This is the last day of my group counseling experience for this class. I must admit that contrary

to my initial thought, it has been a wonderful learning experience. I attribute the majority of this

experience to Dr. Skjoldal whom I've observed to be very knowledgeable, intuitive and

proficient in leading and grooming others. In this short time, I have come to admire and respect

her not only as a gifted and intellectual teacher but one with great wisdom and a unique style of

bringing others to a point of healing. It is my prayer that one day I will advance to that kind of

knowledge and skill to achieve that same level of competency in the field of counseling; but

for now, I know that I have much to learn.

The group has reached the point of termination, and today, more than others, I felt the energy in

the room switch from fun and energetic to a nervous tension as the chairs were circled up. I am

certain that this tension is mostly due to my awareness of the reality of this group ending and

equally do to my participation as co-leader.

Today as I began the session, I am compelled by thoughts of appreciation for my brake through

moments during previous group sessions. The group has been educational and empowering, and

the support from the group members has been profound and life changing for me. I am reminded

of all the challenges within the group and how the group started with strong feelings of

trepidation. Most of the group members had never been in any type of group counseling prior to

our initial meeting.