Group process. Understanding Group Dynamics Together we learn together we heal as a group

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Over the years I have attended AA meetings along with going through the Dui education group at Blue Ridge Mental Health in Burnsville on a forced basis and then on a voluntary one. Both these groups helped with overcoming a problem with abusing alcohol. Working through an addiction like mine would have been impossible for me on my own. From the group at Blue Ridge I was able to receive support and education about what was happening to me. AA helped with introducing me to the understanding that there is a spiritual side of an individual, and to realize that it was a part of my being that would need to be addressed to heal as well. During the present part I attend Church and can maintain sobriety without support from counseling groups of this nature. The groups that I attended and choose to write this paper about are Church groups.

I had been noticing that the new Church in town seemed to have a lot of people attending; the parking lot is usually full on Sunday morning. I had wanted to visit and see what it was like, on one morning I had got as far as the parking lot and backed out thinking I don't know anyone in there. The next Sunday I didn't back out, when reaching the side walk there was a couple of women walking toward the door at the same time as me they spoke to me and asked if I would like to go with them to their base group .On the first Sunday morning that I attended the base group at the Church in Spruce Pine I discovered an interesting discussion group that can be much more than just discussion when it gets started. The group starts out in the traditional way...