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Most people think of a groupie as a follower, a fan, a devotee, a buff. An enthusiast about something or someone. In fact, the term has been around for quite some time, history records groupies as sporting about with Alexander's world-conquering Greeks in the 4ht century BC. Today, however, when someone hears the word groupie. A particular type of girl comes to mind: the rock groupie. Generally not just a follower of one band in particular, she is often a devotee of any band that plays rock music. Being is the entertainment business and frequently being able to attend rock-and-roll events. I see this girl every time I go to a rock club. She is usually with her friends. Who in turn are more than likely groupies themselves. To many she mystifies. To others she is the social enigma. To rock members, though, she perhaps is entertaining. Obviously she is many things to different people, nonetheless, I have become aware of the qualifying elements that help define precisely what a groupie is these elements are easily noted.

The first overt sign that alerts you that a particular girl is a groupie is the way she dresses. Usually wearing a very tight (sexy?), short, black, leather mini-skirt with a fitted small, and equally tight tube top, the groupie exudes "good times." Moreover, her normal attire for her long (long!) legs and feet is black, fish-net French stockings. And ridiculously spiked heel shoes. The accessories she wears with this outfit are usually pretty cheap and comparably tacky, at least fifteen silver-plated bracelets gather Cleopatra-like on either arm, and scraps of dainty, imitation 18th-century lace flutter from around her wrists. Fastened around her neck is a silver-studded dog collar her oversized loop earrings protrude form beneath her fluffed hair as if to advertise her presence. Her face seems to be coated with a beige cosmetic film, her eyes, generally painted heavily with black eyeliner and mascara, stare seductively through the mask. The most noticeable feature about this girl, however, is her teased hair it seems to make her head look three times larger that its natural size. A groupie also carries a monster purse. Containing, among an assortment of items both useful and useless, matchbook covers with her name and number printed on the inside flap. She assumes, of course, that all rock and rollers smoke something she always has a Best Products economy size can of super-hold hair spray in this same purse and carries a Broadway-supply of makeup that includes every color and color combination known to man.

Another means to identify a groupie comes by listening to her conversations, in particular those with her groupie friends. For instance, the topic of conversation for a groupie usually centers on what rock band she went to see last weekend. The party supposedly happening after the show, or the party that she went to last Saturday. Invariably, she will tell everybody everything about the guys in the band she has gotten up with before. Providing details that leave little to the imagination. She also talks excitedly about which band member she wants to meet in whatever band happens to be performing in the area. Other topics of conversation include who sculpts her hair, where she bought her sleazy outfit, how much she loves rock and roll, what new bands she wants to see perform, and, undoubtedly most important, how much she hopes "to party" with whatever band in question.

Still, the reason people consider this type o girl a groupie is not strictly because of her flashy appearance, nor is it strictly because of the intimate topic of conversation she chooses. One important distinction of a groupie involves her actions, a groupie, for example, makes her glittery presence known for prancing back and forth to the club's well-stocked restroom. If someone happens to be in there when a groupie comes in. The smart individual will probably leave immediately. To avoid the inevitable dense haze of sticky hair spray that's sure to follow. Once her hair becomes firmly rigid, the groupie then proceeds to stand (teeter?) right at the front of the stage, swaying and flirting with the band members. If they do not seem to notice her, she will start to dance erotically, often alone, twisting, grinding, gyrating to the rock music she so adores. After the band has finished the performance, the groupie will wait anxiously near the stage a to try to talk to members as they head for the dressing room. If somehow she doesn't get to one of the band members, she goes directly to the roadies and attempts to talk to one of them. The groupie instinctively senses her competition, she knows how to compete. A roadie, she concludes, at least might be her invitation to whatever is to follow afterwards. Which just might be mote than what her competition (Sally, Tracy, Krystal) wound up with. A veteran groupie, in fact, will almost always leave the club with a member of the band or a member of the road crew.

A groupie's life is not necessarily a difficult one most actually thrive on the excitement, attention, and glamour associated with rock and roll. On the other hand, as one groupie idol has written, "Time waits for no one." The groupies' days are unmistakably numbered, even she painfully realizes this inevitability about the fifth year of her career. Yet, on she continues, dirty dancing, over applying makeup, frantically teasing hair, simply making her presence known. After all, the younger girls keep coming in droves, besides, it's perhaps defies explanation, how to define one, however, is rather simple: look a her dress, listen to her conversation, and watch her actions. She'll let you know.