Grouping Functions And Grouping Products.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Today we'll discuss the problem that often appears towards the manager. This is a problem of organizational choice or how to group product activities by product or by function. In other words, should all specialists in a given function be grouped under a common boss, regardless of differences in products they are involved in, or should the various functional specialists working on a single product be grouped together under the same superior.

But the aim of our presentation is not to persuade you that only one way is the right and only this way should be used in each organization. We'll try to show you that each reorganization is temporary and manager always have to find some middle positions between that two ways of organization, he have to find some compromise. Another point I'd like to underline that all our presentation will be told from the behavioral scientist's viewpoint.

So, during our presentation we'll offer you some elements to consider, then we'll talk about behaviorist's findings on that matter and consider the example with two plants. After that we'll summarize all our presentation and maybe give some useful advice for managers.

If that clear let me begin our presentation.

First of all we have to understand what makes those issues so difficult. It is useful to review all the criteria often relied on during making decisions. Typically, managers have used technical and economic criteria. For example, they may ask themselves "Which choice will minimize payroll costs?" or "Which will best utilize equipment and specialists. This approach shows us the real logic of traditional management and has strong support from classical school of organizational theory. The classical school theorists suggested that the manager should make the choice based on the following three criteria:

Which approach...