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One group that I belong to is the Tew Ryu Martial Center. This group consists of approximately forty members. This group meets at regularly scheduled events and demonstrations. We each share in the same beliefs, goals and expectations of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido. Each member is devoted to a lifelong journey of spiritual enlightenment, mastering the art of Aikido and properly harnessing the power of Chi. Each member of this group has achieved statuses and social roles that can only be attained through this union.

Primary groups have the requirement that each person share norms, values and expectations. Primary groups also require regularly scheduled, conscious interaction. Primary groups are personal, generally small and provide a sense of belonging to each member. Primary groups are a long-term affiliation.

Secondary groups are often large and require very little social intimacy. The secondary groups are of short duration and do not have regularly scheduled conscious interaction.

The personal relationships in this group are superficial and there is very little mutual understanding.

The Tew Ryu Martial Center is relatively small and each member interacts on a level of personal intimacy. The group members of Tew Ryu are convening regularly in addition to a monthly newsletter and e-mail messages. Each member of this group shares in the same values and norms. We have established social roles and statuses. Tew Ryu is a primary group.

The Tew Ryu Martial Center would be placed approximately at 2. This group achieves that ranking due to the fulfillment of these criteria. This group is very personal and intimate in regularly scheduled, consciously attended meetings. This group has special meaning to me and remains a stable element in my life. This group is closely affiliated outside of meetings. We train closely together and have been affiliated for 6...