Groups and Team in Management

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Groups can become a high performance team by following organizational goals and strategic planning, while demographic characteristics and cultural diversity can influence a team in many ways. Cultural diversity and demographic characteristics can help achieve goals and people should be aware how they can contribute to reaching goals in an organization. This paper will discuss the impact of demographic characteristics and cultural diversity on behavior within a group, and how individuality will sometimes contribute to detract from high-performance in teams.

An organization relies on members to cooperate with one another in accomplishing goals to enhance its survival. One way to enhance cooperation is to increase the extent to which members view one another in group. The presence of demographic diversity becomes important and the organization's cultural emphasis individualism. Because it is import to understand demographic characteristics, an organization will be able to work well together and organize necessary job expectations.

If demography characteristics are not understood and used as an essential tool in group organizational responsibilities, the impact of demographic characteristics will diminish effectiveness of high performance teams. Demographic characteristics within a group are beneficial and we should support a value-in-diversity.

Diversity is shaped and informed by a variety of characteristics including age, ethnicity, gender, disability, language, religion beliefs, life stages, education, career responsibilities, sexual orientation, personality traits, and marital status. Diversity will add to the different perspectives within an organization and facilitate clarifying, organizing, and combining novel approaches to accomplishing goals. Work units composed of diverse members can tap into broad networks of contacts, and useful new information may be incorporated into decisions, which can increase commitment to choices and enhance responsiveness to rapidly changing organizational structures.

On the other hand, diversity can positively or negatively impact the behavior of individuals, and the organization is responsible and held accountable...