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In this paper I will be discussing how a group of individuals can become a high-performance team. We will examine the impact of how cultural diversity and demographic characteristics can and do contribute to the groups behavior with one another. If the team members do not get along, they will clash, which will lead to low performance, however, if they do all get along, this can lead to outstanding performance. When working in diverse groups the members can bring broad networks of contacts, which in return, can make it likely that useful information will be incorporated into decisions, which can increase commitment to choices and enhance responsiveness to rapidly changing organizational environments.

A group is a collection of people where each person is working towards their own goal. For a group to become a high-performance team they have to earn each other's respect, learn to communicate with each other, how to solve conflicts, and be involved with all the processes that come with being in a team.

Organizations need an extremely diverse group of people on each team. Each person brings a special uniqueness with them and only by accepting this difference in each other will the group start coming together as a whole. It is essential for groups and organizations to realize that cultural diversity is an asset to their success. A team is a collection of people that are working towards one common goal or vision. This helps to create a synergy effect with teams. Synergy happens when the team members understand and support each other. Members do not let personal agendas get in the way of the teams goal. They strive to become the best and be successful.

When bringing together different cultures and characteristics of individuals there may be behavioral problems that you will have to...