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Teamwork is a make or break situation. Either you help make it or the lack of it will break you." - Kris A. Hiatt. High-performance teams are achievable. WordNet 2003 Princeton University defines a team as "a cooperative unit" . Therefore, the team members must realize that it is a team effort. Consequently, high-performance teams start with the realization that there are no "Loan Rangers." This is a cooperative effort and everyone must do his or her part to be successful.

Any team that has a diverse bent is likely to be highly successful. A team that is filled with the same skills, same ethnicity, same gender, etc. will not get the full benefit of teamwork. When a diversity of team members exists, a different dynamic occurs. There is a greater chance of creativity, skills, perspective, talents and innovation. When each member is allowed to contribute his or her own blend of convictions, beliefs, strengths and education to the mix, the total experience is positive and beneficial to all involved.

It is advantageous when team members accept one other as they are and treat each other equally providing different opinions and approaches to problem solving.

While culturally diverse teams can be beneficial, there are negative outcomes. Stereotyping and discrimination can be detrimental to any team. When a team cannot work together because of racism or chauvinism, a team will not blend thus hindering productivity, harmony, and the strength of teamwork. Fighting against these differences will benefit the overall outcome.

Another aspect of highly effective teams is valuing personality differences. Traits such as, being organized, detail-oriented, outspoken, creative, energetic, quite, and shy are just a few. In order to be effective, these traits must be accepted and used for the betterment of the team. Misconstruing personality types as being negative can...