Groups and Teams Paper

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Groups and Teams Paper

This paper will clarify the difference between a group and a team. This explanation will show the components of both groups and teams. It will also confirm how a group can become a high performance team. The paper will address the facts of how certain circumstances effects, like culture diversity and demographic characteristics, can cause a high performance team to excel or fade.

Webster dictionary defines groups as a small unit of three to fifteen people. Groups can form coalitions and signs of organization can be seen. When a group is too large, communication is not effective with all of its members. Standards will be developed within a group. Roles will evolve from those standards. These roles often influence the interactions of the group. Groups usually have a common objective that they labor individually to accomplish. However, the larger the group the less effective their communication is.

Whatever the intention of the group is, they will attempt to struggle through oppositions to reach the end (Collins, 1995. p.2).

Teams have two or more persons, which are able to work adaptively and interdependently to complete a joint, explicit, and treasured plan (Collins, 1995. p.1). Team members must have complementary abilities, because they are dedicated to the same objectives and the same performance aspirations. They also hold each other accountable for their own actions (Collins, 1995. p.1). Teams have a common idea can create distinctiveness for themselves. This identity gives the team a direction to venture towards. Having a common idea allows the team's identity to expand ahead of individuals involved.

Why do some teams succeed and some do not? Most businesses know what the definition of a team is. Most businesses have the knowledge to put a team together. They attempt to single out and pick the...