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Define the business research and its purposeThe business research and its purpose is to demonstrate the communication or lack there of in disseminating health threats to the public. This article is a response to the 2001 anthrax letter incidents and the 2002 agreement between the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association of Schools of Public Health. This agreement established support for a study that researched the rising need for information and the strategies necessary to seek information from the public sector that are facing developing potential threats.

Significant emergency challenges face public health when dealing with public communication. Past experiences and organized studies have established that these threats can potentially create an emotion caused by the anticipation of possible dangers of behavioral responses such as social stigmas that are negative and weakens the confidence in the institutions and how they relate to human society and its organization.

Explain the business problem(s) under investigationThe business problems under investigation are pre-event knowledge, information needs in an event, information seeking in an event, public actions in an event, emotional responses in an event, confidence in government, the content of emergency message materials, and the response to media. The results of the Pre-Event Message Development Project (PEMDP) show that the public did not have a complete understanding of the research findings.

When the public faces emergencies, the need for information that provides details about the threat and how the situation will be officially handled. Information should be provided on the prevention of exposure, how to recognize the symptoms and treat the effects. Having open-ended questions presents the possibility for answers that are unexpected.

Media outlets that the public will seek information are television, newspapers, the internet, radio and emergency and law enforcement personnel and medical and public health professionals.