"The growing up of a young boy" Based on the book, "Bless me, Ultima".

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Throughout the book Bless me Ultima, Tony, the young main character in the story, lost his innocence when exposed to the harsh world since he learned what life is really like. Ultima is a good whitch whom tries to guide Tony by teaching him morals and lessons. Narsico is percieved as the town drunk, but is a good person. Tenorio is the demon in this story, as he wants to destroy Ultima. This book is about Tony's experience in adjusting to the rough world at a relatively young age.

Narsico's death with Tenorio's desire to kill Tony made him realize his limitations and acknowledge the reality. Before these incidents, Tony imagined he could control incidents that happened in real life. He thought he could effect events in life in a posotive way. After these events and experiences with people, Tony realizes that good people get bad things. When Tony was playing a game with his peers in which he was the priest, he forgave his freind, Florence, for his sins, even though he stood up to all his peers to do so.

When Tony ran 10 miles home to warn Ultima, a kind whitch about Tenorio, whose desire is to destroy her spirit, he realized he or Ultima could both be exterminated. During the run, Tony thought of the future, which he hardly thought of before this event. Almost every child Tony's age was preoccupied with activities, such as playing and horsing around, and certainly not thinking what the future could pertain. This proves Tony understood the aknowledgement of reality, unlike most of his peers. When Florence, his freind, questions God, it made Tony gain skeptisicm. Before, Tony's parents, especially his mother, forced the religion of Christianity upon him. Tony believed it, since his parents did and...