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Most Important Concern

The most important concern of Bill and Dean is to develop a more stable structure and direction for KITSOL's growth. They will need to address the inefficiencies of their systems and resources and plan and manage their business towards an achievable mission and vision.

Critical Factors

Human Resources

Bill and Dean are a good management team and have more hired workers and staff because of the rapid growth of KITSOL. Some of the people they have hired, like Greg and Andrew, have been very beneficial to KITSOL because of their skill and competence. Nevertheless, Bill and Dean were not able to utilize these employees well and may not be able to hold on to them. Andrew was not utilized as an adviser and for his accounting knowledge. Moreover, there has been high turnover and lack of motivation of other employees in their company, and so this also needs to be addressed.


KITSOL is the only company in the industry that has the technology and skill to provide a one stop shop of services and products for kitchens. KITSOL has also won several awards and has boosted its image all throughout Australia. KITSOL has been able to increase their sales through the differentiation of service and product and has already been able to develop their brand image.

Bill and Dean

KITSOL was able to grow rapidly in the first 2 years of existence. This is due to the fact that Bill and Dean work well together and have a hands-on style of managing. But sometimes they are not able to control some of the important aspects of their business and have not made a good decision or solution for these issues. For example, the complete control and collection over the gross margins should be a major concern...