Growth study of Snow Pea plants.(Dark vs Light)

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Aim:To investigate and record how well plants grow or do not grow when they have a full amount of sun light, a restricted amount of sun light and no sun light at all.

The information gained from this study could possibly help the way farmers understand the possibilities and what the most effective way to grow plants is.

Equipment: - 1 Bag of Chinese Snow Peas-3 Small pots (all equal in size with drainage)-1 Bag of potting mixMethod:1)Plant seeds into pots with equal amount of soil 2cm deep. The pots must not differ in shape or type.

2)Label each pot with a marker pen with "Full", "Restricted" and "None"3)Place the pots marked "Full" and "Restricted" outside in the sun. However the pot labelled "Restricted" must be taken out of the sunlight at 3.00pm and put back in the sun light at 8:00am.

4)The remaining pot labelled "None" must be kept in a place where there is no light at all.

This will also be the place where the pot labelled "Restricted" will be placed outside its time period where it is to be left outside in the light.

5)Water each pot with 40ml of water every 3 days.

6)Record Results.

Hypothesis:I predicted that the pot exposed to the full amount of light would reach the maximum growth and height and the pot with no light would fail to grow at all.

The pot with a restricted amount of sunlight was hard to predict. It could either grow and flourish or fail to sprout at all.

This test is accurate and inaccurate at the same time. The results of the test will give accurate measure of how much sunlight is needed for a Chinese Snow Pea plant but this does not necessarily mean this will be the same amount...